[check out these babes]

http://broken-jack.tumblr.com/ in the lead with 15%, woohoo get it jack

http://jack-frost-overland.tumblr.com/ first runner up with 9%, better than mint cause mint ain’t on there oh snap  btw use protection with vic

http://askthemothernature.tumblr.com/ second runner up with 5% not bad at all, vic when you have sex with jackson take the pill okay we don’t need no grandkids

http://layla-miller.tumblr.com/ with a good 4%, you, i like you

http://pfennings.tumblr.com/ with 3% i like you too

http://hiccup-the-not-so-useless.tumblr.com/ with a 2% even though they deserve more love from me, i shall make sure of that, you hiccup is perf

http://egboob.tumblr.com/ with 2% as well…i forgot who you are

http://imagineyourotp.tumblr.com/ with 2%, i love this blog so so so so so so so so much

http://ask-the-guardian-north.tumblr.com/ with 2%, you are one of the best norths i’ve ever watched rp because i am freaking scared to disappoint you with my lack of skills ;w;

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    ((For real?! Daww *hugs pillow*))
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    "Well, obviously you don’t. Because nothing is going to happen. Nothing.”
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